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About the Community Space

The Community Space in Whitewater was co-founded by Kay Robers, Marjorie Stoneman and Kristine Zaballos and opened its doors during a Polar Vortex on Jan. 29, 2019. Collaborating with the City of Whitewater and the Whitewater Police Department, TCS was able to serve as an emergency shelter, staying open 24/7 and handing out warm blankets and jackets, for the first few days of its operations.

The Space offers clothing, food, housewares, furniture and myriad other items free of charge to all, without income, residency or other limitations. All are welcome.

While initially serving as a food pantry was not was not a primary concern, during the pandemic we were able to pivot to offer massive quantities of free, fresh donated food — giving out just 30,000 pounds of food in 2019 but 300,000 pounds in 2020 — that might have otherwise gone to waste.

In 2023 we counted about 25,000 visitors to TCS and gave out more than 211,000 pounds of food, 144,000 items of clothing, and countless pieces of furniture, bedding, books, housewares and other items.

We have no paid staff: all this is fueled by more than 16,000 volunteer hours a year. And we are 100% donation-funded. Because we take no public funds or grants with limitations on how the money is used, we are able to be flexible on how we serve the community that comes through our doors.

TCS also hosts other resources, such as ESL classes, bilingual health resource staff from the county departments of health, and vaccination clinics, among others.

If you are interested in using our facilities of having us make your flier, poster or other resource available, kindly contact communityspaceww@gmail.com or call 262-379-0187.