When you come to the Community Space you’ll be greeted by a volunteer and asked if it’s your first visit. If it is, we’ll take a moment to give you a brief orientation of the space: what we offer, where you’ll find bags to collect items, and how to be placed on the waiting list for larger items like beds and sofas. After that, we’ll leave you alone unless you have any questions. 

If you choose to pick up some food in our pantry area, we’ll ask you to stick to the item limits indicated on the shelves, refrigerator and freezer, and when you are done we’ll weigh the food for our records and ask you just two questions: what zip code you live in and how many people at home you are collecting food for. Again, this information is just for our records. No ID or proof of anything is required. You can come as often as you like, and you are welcome and encouraged to take things you need when you are donating items or to bring things you no longer need when you are picking things up.


The Community Space

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